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everything about the band ViViD !
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Welcome to vivid_media, a community dedicated to the band ViViD. All fans of ViViD and its members are very welcome to join!
ViViD's members are:

Shin [vo]
Reno [gt]
Ryoga [gt]
IV [ba]
Ko-ki [dr]

Ex-Members from the well-known indie bands 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ (Akihabara Shounendan☆Dennou Romeo), NoveLis, キス&ネイト (kisnate) and ZiL start their activities together! Formed on March 24, 2009, they joined Indie PSC on the 7th of April 2009. A lot is to be expected of them, so let's look forward to their music and frequent appearance and support them with all our love! ♥


This community is members only, this means all entries are locked. Please join to see the entries and read the rules before posting~!

✔ 01 be nice to everyone!! no flaming, drama, insulting comments etc. towards any member of the community or the band itself! We are all able to talk in a mature manner~♥

✔ 02 Please talk in English!

✔ 03 all entries are members only.

✔ 04 only post about ViViD related topics! no spamming!

✔ 05 you are allowed to request for things you are looking for. Please check whether these things have already been posted before you make a request!

✔ 06 do not spread any rumours!

✔ 07 you are allowed to post any sort of ViVid related media:
pictures, translations, music, videos, news, trivials, etc.
post pictures and huge text under a cut, please! one picture not bigger than 400x400px may be posted outside the cut.

✔ 08 Do NOT repost anything to any other site (forums, youtube, personal fan sites and ANY other site you can think of) unless it's your own stuff (Scans, rips, translations, etc.)!

✔ 09 Please tag your entries properly! A list with all tags can be found here.

✔ 10 please do not post:
role play ads, ads for non-vivid related communities.

✔ 11 support the band as much as you can !


vividxblog - a ViViD blog translation community add!♥
vivid_a_day - a ViViD picture community
The ViViD Color reaction - a ViViD fan site (Portuguese)
k_romancevid - a Vidoll fan community
jewel_x - a Jewel fan community
disxmarionette - a DIS★Marionette fan community

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Your admins are:


This is stated here because it has to be:
- This community is in no way affiliated with the band or the band's memebrs!
- Uploaded media in this community is for sample purposes only! Please delete all downloads after 24-48 hours! Buy the artist's CDs and support them!

official links_______________________

official homepage.

Shin official blog.
Reno official blog.
Ryoga official blog.
IV official blog.
ko-ki official blog.

useful links_______________________

community tags.
members' profiles.
members' blogs (syndicated).
live schedule.
★ lyrics: Take-off. W.B.A.. J-guild. Dear. Distance of mind. Suirenjin.
★ translations: KERA! Vol.133. Shin - hevn hakutsuban vol. 008. IV - hevn vol. 041.
★ interview: MJP june interview. MJP autumn survey.
★ old pictures here and here.
★ scans: Take-off booklet. Dear booklet + photoset. the ViViD color booklet + photoset.
hevn 041. SHOXX Vol.199. FOOL'S MATE Vol.335.
★ ViViD radio: #1. #2. #3.
★ ViViD @ V-Rock Festival: discussion & video here. MJP interwiev.


★ 8.7.2009 Take-off ¥1575
1. Take-off
2. W.B.A (Wing Broken Angel)
3. J-ギルド [J-Guild]

★ 19.8.2009 Dear ¥2100 (3000 copies only)
1. Dear
2. Distance of mind
3. 睡蓮人 [Suirenjin]

★ 21.10.2009 THE ViViD COLOR ¥3,360 (3000 copies only)
5 Tracks + PV&Making of

★ 21.10.2009 THE ViViD COLOR ¥2,835 (Regular Edition)
7 Tracks

★ 17.02.1010 Across The Border
Limited A: ¥1,890
Limited B: ¥1,890
Regular Edition: ¥1,575
4 tracks in total, PV (A), special booklet (B)

★ 07.07.2010 Precious
Limited A: ¥1,890 (+ DVD)
Limited B: ¥1,890 (+ special booklet)
Regular Edition: ¥1,575

★ 19.01.2011 夢〜ムゲンノカナタ〜 [Yume~MUGEN NO KANATA~] Major Debut
Limited A: ¥1,890 (PV + live clips)
Limited B: ¥1,890 (PV + live clips)
Regular Edition: ¥1,260 (3 tracks)

★ 20.04.2011 Indies Last-ViViD ONEMAN LIVE 「光彩 [kousai] GENESIS」 2010.12.27 Shibuya C.C.Lemon」 ¥4,515
First press: Special slip case
1 Disc

★ 06.07.2011 BLUE
First Press Limited A ¥1,890 (PV Type A + Live clips)
First Press Limited B ¥1,890 (PV Type B + Live clips)
First Press Limited with special bonus track ¥1,260 (Special another case, trading card, serial number code for "SPECIAL FORCE" game)
3 Tracks

★ 09.11.2011 FAKE
First Press Limited A ¥1,890 (PV + Behind the scenes video)
First Press Limited B ¥1,890 (PV + Radio 「ViViDのViViBitないと!」 compilation)
First Press Limited with special bonus track ¥1,260
3 Tracks

★ 11.01.2012 message
First Press Limited A ¥1,890 (PV + special DVD)
First Press Limited B ¥1,890 (PV + special DVD)
First Press Limited with special bonus track ¥1,260
3 Tracks

★ 18.04.2012 DVD "Title undecided" TAKE OFF〜Birth to the NEW WORLD〜 ¥4,935
Special slip case

Buy CDs: CD Japan. Brand-X. Closet Child. HMV. GuruGuru.
Upload media: mediafire. yousendit. sendspace.
Upload pictures: imageshack. photobucket. tinypic.